How to Earn a Real Estate License in Nevada

Selling real estate in Nevada is a lucrative career for many people who crave fortune and success. Both of those qualities come easily when you’re a devoted real estate agent. With a good personality, the right properties, and a bit of expertise, it is easy to earn six figures or more each year selling real estate. And, it’s far easier to enjoy this position than a 9 to 5 that leaves you sitting behind a computer desk all day long.

But, before you can begin this amazing new career in real estate, you first need to obtain your nevada real estate license. This license is mandatory to sell property and without it, you are committing fraudulent activity. It doesn’t take a considerable amount of time to earn the license and begin your career. How does one go about earning their real estate license in the great state of Nevada?

Applicants must be at least 18 years old with a high school diploma or equivalent. A total of 90 hours of real estate education from an approved school must be completed and submitted to the state licensing board. There is an application that you must complete, along with a fee.  Once this is paid, a background check and fingerprint check are necessary, at which time you’ll sit in for the state exam. There is a fee that you are expected to pay at the time the test is rendered.

nevada real estate license

In a matter of a few months, you can change your life forever with an exciting new career in real estate. You’ll learn a great income, meet new people in the community, and enjoy other amazing perks with this decision. The steps above are simple to complex, so what are you waiting for? It is time to earn your real estate license and enjoy the lavish life!